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Make Downtown Canton a Home for Your Business

Downtown Canton is experiencing a rebirth and is ripe with opportunity for entrepreneurial folks to be a part of it. Whoever you are and whatever your dream – whether working from home or in an approachable and exciting downtown, to creating a retail storefront, to cohabitating with like-minded creatives, Downtown Canton has the assets and energy to help you realize your goals and live your best life.

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With an average cost of living that is 26% lower than the national average, Canton is considered a very affordable place to live and do business.

Source: Summit Moving
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Numerous incentive programs are available to attract new companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries to Downtown Canton. We’re open (and ready!) for business.

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Growth Opportunities

Numerous properties in Downtown Canton are available for rent or purchase. With prices much lower than most parts of the country, downtown Canton is the perfect location for your new enterprise.

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Home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and situated conveniently between Cleveland and Columbus, Downtown Canton is a prime spot for profitable business development.

Canton, OH

A Smart City for Business Development

With prices skyrocketing across the country, many established businesses and new entrepreneurs are looking for less expensive places to conduct business. Rent in many cities is through the roof. Live/work sites are rare and out of reach. Affordable commercial real estate for sale is just a fantasy in other cities. Downtown Canton offers all of those things at an affordable price.

Plus, there are several programs that provide incentives to businesses looking to start up, relocate or expand to Downtown Canton.

Income Tax Incentives

Job Creation Incentive Program
The City of Canton may provide a percentage of the employees’ 2% income tax withholdings paid to the City as a yearly payment for a defined period of time.

Net Profit Tax Incentive 
The City of Canton may provide a percentage of the net profits tax paid to the City as a yearly payment for a defined period of time.

Property Tax Incentives

The City of Canton has three property tax incentives for businesses that locate or expand in Canton:

  • Community Reinvestment Area (CRA)
  • Enterprise Zones
  • Tax Incremental Financing (TIF)

Note: Any one project cannot use more than one property tax incentive.

What We do

About Downtown Canton SID

The Downtown Canton Special Improvement District (SID) is dedicated to ensuring that Downtown Canton is clean, safe and vibrant for residents, visitors and businesses alike. We seek to create a Downtown community that meets the needs of our landowners and business owners. It is our goal to ensure that Downtown Canton is attractive and thriving for everyone. 

Managed by the Downtown Canton Partnership (DCP), DCP provides responsiveness and attentiveness to everyone interested in investing in Downtown, from new residents to small start-up businesspeople to multi-million-dollar developers.

Contact us for help taking your Downtown Canton business or property to the next level in a community that cares. ​

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